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Putting the Bible Together

June 9, 2016

Grace to you! Reading and understanding the Bible can be an intimidating task. With over 31,000 verses in its pages, it’s hard to know how it all fits together. This week we are going to give you an overall grid by which to read the Bible. Understanding these three broad categories will help to know what Scripture is referring to and why.

The first theme we have to understand in the Bible is Creation. The first two chapters of Genesis recount the 6 days of creation. They show what God had originally intended. It gives us the idea of “how things used to be.”

The second theme we see in the Bible is corruption. In Genesis 3, we see the entrance of sin into the story of man. From man’s initial sin to every person born since then, sin has dominated the life of people. The theme of man’s fall into sin gives us the idea of “the way things ARE.”

Finally, the idea of salvation or recreation permeates the biblical storyline. From Genesis 3:15 and onward, God begins to make promises and take action to bring the Promised One who will all things better than ever before. This gives us the idea of “what things will be like.”  In summary, we see the Bible tell us what things used to be like, what they are now, and what they will be when Christ returns to restore all things.

So how does this help us when we read our Bibles? Well, when we read a passage of Scripture we have to think through these three themes. Sometimes a passage will deal with one, two, or all three themes together. Scripture uses this three-fold theme to present one united plan of God.

When someone sees that God created them, they see that God has the inherent right to command how they are to live. They will also see that man alone has dignity and value since he is made in God’s image whereas angels and animals are not. Yet we all see that the world as it is now is not a paradise. This is where the 2nd theme comes to bear. Sin has infected and affected every aspect of God’s original intention. Man and the rest of creation labors under sin and its consequences. We long for something better but yet we along with others often make things worse! What is the answer? Where can hope be found?

The third theme shows that even in the midst of this world as it is now things can begin to change! “If anyone is IN CHRIST, they are a NEW CREATION. Behold, old things have passed away. Behold, new things have begun!” (2 Corinthians 5:17) The beauty of the third theme is that it is not only something we can look forward to in the future, but it can start to be a present reality for anyone right now as God begins His renewal of creation with each person that puts their faith in Jesus Christ!

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