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Happy Resurrection Day!

April 26, 2016

Grace to you! It’s time to celebrate Resurrection Sunday! This week I want to give you a few evidences that point to the reality of the Christ’s resurrection so that you can see that Jesus’ resurrection is based on fact and reality. So let’s begin!

Some skeptics say Jesus’ disciples were so devastated at losing Him that they made up the idea of the resurrection to give them hope of going on. But this view doesn’t account for the multiple sightings by various people in different situations of the resurrected Christ. Also, the tomb was still empty. All the Roman or Jewish opposition had to do was go to the grave, produce the body of Jesus and stop the new belief in Jesus’ resurrection. But the fact was they couldn’t produce the body because He was not there. He had risen, just as He said! (Matthew 28:6). Further, how do you account for those who didn’t believe in the resurrection at first later being convinced that they had seen a formerly dead man now alive?! (eg. John 20:25-27)

Another attempt to discredit the resurrection is to say that it was all based on hallucinations. People can get in such a frenzy that they can hallucinate anything! This is true but several things need to be kept in mind. One, there is still the empty tomb. No amount of hallucinations solves the issue of the empty tomb and the missing body. Two, people do not have mass hallucinations. An individual may hallucinate but not entire groups with the same hallucination. Remember, multiple people in various scenarios saw the resurrected Christ. Three, all of the sightings of Jesus were consistent with each other. This was no hallucination!

Perhaps the biggest attempt at dismissing the resurrection is to say that someone stole the body. There are multiple problems with this theory. One, again is all of the credible witnesses in various places over 40 days that saw and touched the resurrected Christ. Two, neither the Romans nor Jewish leaders would have stolen the body because their whole point was to show Jesus was dead! Why not produce the body of Jesus once the disciples started preaching the resurrection and just produce the body? They couldn’t. They couldn’t because He had been raised. But what if the disciples stole the body? This doesn’t work either. Again, most of them fled at His crucifixion and were in hiding. The ones that stayed knew that the tomb was heavily guarded by Roman soldiers. These soldiers’ lives were at risk if they lost a prisoner. In short, they would be executed if they failed at guarding the tomb of Jesus. The soldiers on pain of their life would not let unarmed disciples take the body. Also, if you’re a disciple, why die for preaching the resurrection of Christ if you know it’s a lie? Sure one or two might. But all of the disciples except John died for preaching Christ. John merely died of old age preaching the resurrection!

Friends, there are many more “convincing proofs” (Acts 1:3) for the resurrection Christ. But why not give thanks for the hope we can have beyond the grave because of Christ’s resurrection! Happy Resurrection Day!

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