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How To Love Jesus More!

February 29, 2016

Grace to you! If we are honest with ourselves, we know that the greatest love in our life should be for Jesus Christ. But why is it that the One who is the greatest oftentimes gets the least amount of our affection? Why is it that our hearts reserve so little for the Christ who died for us? Biblically speaking, is there an answer to this question and a way to encourage our hearts to love Jesus more? As we could expect, the bible will give us clear direction for our lives.

In Luke 7, Jesus is eating a meal at a Pharisee’s home. (Luke 7:36) A Pharisee was a religious authority figure that often taught the bible and helped lead in societal matters. He was, to put in our modern way of thinking, a pastor who was very involved with the religious and social life of his community. A Pharisee believed all the right bible teachings and knew more about the bible than the average person in the street. He was seen as one of the most devoted religious persons in his community.

The Pharisee invites Jesus into his home for a meal when something scandalous happens. A very sinful woman bursts inside the home and sobbingly falls at Jesus’ feet. She begins to wash His feet with her hair and pour precious ointment on Him. (Luke 7:37-38) “How can He let her do this? Doesn’t He know she’s the moral scum of our society? We are all nice and clean in here and now look at how she’s acting!” was the Pharisee’s thoughts. But Jesus saw an opportunity to help the religious leader see a greater truth.

Jesus tells a story about a man who loaned out almost 2 years worth of wages to one man and two months of wages to another man. Neither could be repay so the loan officer dropped the loan amounts for both. Jesus asked, “Which would be more excited about having his debt amount dropped? The one who had a small amount forgiven or the one who had a large amount forgiven?” The Pharisee answered correctly stating that the one who had the larger debt forgiven of his loan would be happier. Jesus then reminds the Pharisee how the woman who had great sin and was forgiven showed great love towards Jesus and how the Pharisee who supposedly was ‘righteous’ had not shown any affection to Jesus. The Lord’s point? “He who is forgiven little, loves little.”

The same is true for us. As long as we think we have it together, as long as we keep making excuses for the wrong we have done, as long as we don’t see what it cost Jesus to forgive us of our ‘great debt’ of sin, we will never love Jesus like we should. If you keep thinking you are a good person without Jesus, then you will never love Him. It’s only those who know they are in great debt and that Jesus has ‘paid it off’ by His cross that people will love Jesus. How about you? Is your love for Jesus strong or weak? You will only love Him to the degree that you see He has loved and forgiven you!


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