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I Once Was Blind, But Now I See

October 12, 2015

Grace to you! Throughout the Bible, we see that God is a missionary God. When Adam sinned, it was the Lord who came looking for him to restore him to fellowship with His creator. We see that God is the one who gave the sacrifices to His people to point them towards the ultimate sacrifice for sins to be made in the Lord Jesus Christ. Likewise, God’s message for His people is for them to imitate Him in His missional and evangelistic focus. Jesus commands His followers to take the gospel into all the world and make disciples (See Matthew 28:18-20). But how do we share the gospel? What is an easy way for someone to fulfill the Great Commission in sharing the gospel with their family, friends, and neighbors?

Perhaps one of the easiest ways to share the gospel is by retelling your own personal testimony of how you came to savingly know the Lord Jesus Christ. There is a prime example of this in John 9. Jesus meets a man born blind from birth (vs 1). People have mixed reactions to the one they previously knew was blind but now was able to see. Some couldn’t believe it was the same man, but others, and the man himself, reaffirmed that he indeed was formerly blind but now could see (vv 8-9). The shock of the event catches on. Even the religious leaders bring him in for a series of questions to find out about the “Jesus guy” (vv 13-23).

Do the religious leaders finally consent to the miracle change in the man? No, they continue to harass him about his character and the character of the one called Jesus (vv 24-34). The Pharisees threw multiple Bible, theological, and personal questions at the man. The simple and truthful response of the man was priceless: “One thing I do know, I once was blind but now I see.” (John 9:25)

Many believers have a great fear of talking to non-Christians about the gospel. They are afraid that people may raise objections to them that they don’t know how to answer. They think that they don’t know enough of the Bible to talk to others about Jesus. But the blind man didn’t know any deep theology nor was apt at answering the Pharisees’ questions. He stuck with what he knew. And what he knew was that once his life was one way and now it had been radically changed by Jesus.

We can share our personal testimony the same way. We can tell others what we used to be like before Jesus (how we were blind), how Jesus worked in our life (He put mud on my eyes), and what our life has been like since Jesus changed us (I now can see!). Will you do that? Will you in love tell others how Christ has changed you and what difference He has made in your life to someone this week? By you telling your story, God may use it to remove their spiritual blindness so that they may see the beauty and glory of Jesus Christ!

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