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The Planned Parenthood Debacle

August 5, 2015

Grace to you! As of the writing of this article, five videos have been released showing Planned Parenthood knowing they have illegally harvested and sold ‘fetal organs’ on the open market. A major outcry has risen from many people asking for Congress to defund the over $500 million dollars a year that Planned Parenthood receives in tax payer money. Biblically speaking, is this enough?

Before we proceed, we need some background. The taking of the lives of the children in the womb is no different than Nazi Germany’s death camps. Just as the Jews walked in and never walked out of a Nazi death camp, once a mom walks into a Planned Parenthood her child will never come out alive. The Nazis burned, gassed, shot, tortured, and then collected whatever goods and materials from the dead Holocaust victims they could to enrich themselves. They collected their money, gold in their teeth, their skin to make lamp shades, etc. Planned Parenthood has not only murdered the children in the womb through barbaric techniques, but now, like the Nazis, found a way to make a profit off of their victims by selling their mangled bodies.

How does PP harvest the organs? The videos show that once they have an order for certain body parts from their ‘customer’, they then talk with the staff how to ‘harvest’ the baby so they can preserve certain organs intact. (If they don’t sell they baby parts, they literally rip the live baby apart with forceps limb from limb in the mother’s womb.) PP even uses an ultrasound to guide their abortion procedure so they can be careful not to damage any potential ‘goods’ they can sell.

Biblically, how are we to evaluate this? What should be done? Is defunding PP the answer? The answer is multifaceted. Defunding PP is an absolute minimalist approach. In others, it’s a no brainer that a murderous organization should not receive tax payer money. Congress and the President stalling on defunding PP is a reflection of their moral ineptitude and compliance to continue the modern Nazi death camps of our unborn children.

Congress and the President should not only defund PP, but launch a full scale investigation, audit, and eventual trial of the evidence gathered against PP not only for selling body parts but for murder. The videos show PP knows beyond a doubt they are harvesting a human being. One in the video even proclaims as she dissects the little body, “It’s a boy!” and laughs. Such evil is callous beyond human decency. Scripture and all nations have laws against people who do such murderous activity: the death penalty (Genesis 9:6). Those who have ‘harvested’ babies via abortions should like any murderer have evidence collected against them, given a fair trial, and then if found guilty sentenced to death for the barbaric murder of innocent children.

The Nuremburg trials of the Nazis showed the world the atrocious activities that happened in the death camps. The world stood shocked at what they saw and heard. We have new death camps in America. The public would be no less shocked to hear in a new Nuremburg trial of PP practitioners of how they butcher babies alive in the womb for their personal financial gain. For a honest but often hard to see reality check on what abortion is see Viewer discretion is advised.

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