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Dealing With Our Problems Biblically: Fear of Death, Part 3

June 10, 2015

Grace to you! This week we will continue to look at the reasons we fear death. The bible addresses each of these fears and gives us wonderful hope when facing them. Let’s look at another reason we fear death.

Sometimes we fear death because this life is all that we know. We were born here, have lived here, laughed and cried here, and made friends here. But death seeks to pull us away from all of this. It beckons us to another life in another sphere of existence. In short, this life and the way things are is all we know about. In our experience, none of us have ever went there and returned to tell about it. (Despite what any out-of-body experience book may claim to the contrary!) “It’s appointed to die once and then comes the judgment.” (Hebrews 9:27) We die once, and then we face judgment.

We fear letting go of what we are comfortable with. We are the overgrown child with its security blanket. When the parent begins to finally take it away, the child struggles against the parents’ decision, fearful of the change happening. When we think about the Lord calling us home, we often have the inner struggle of losing what’s familiar. So how do we combat the desire to hold onto this world that we know when we think of our death?

Scripture call us to meditate on several truths when letting go of this world we know. It encourages us to familiarize ourselves with heaven. It’s why God has told us about it. It is a far superior place. It is where God Himself is at and where there will be no more struggles with our sin, fear, or death. (See Revelation 21:4) The bad things of this life will be no more! A great Christian said, “He whose head is in heaven, need not fear to put his feet in the grave.” The beauty is that the more I familiarize myself with what my eternal dwelling place will be like and Who I will be with, the less I will fear leaving this world. Why? Because I will begin to familiarize myself with what awaits me.

Further, the more we spend in God’s presence, the more we will desire Him and want to be with Him fully. We will begin to experience a taste of heaven this side of the great beyond. If you are a Christian, you’ve had those times when your walk with the Lord was so sweet and so filled with His presence. It was during those times that God’s presence was your comfort, hope, and joy! The more we get to know the Lord here, the more we will not only be willing to let go of our life here, but looking with sweet anticipation in seeing our Lord Jesus!

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