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Who is God? God is the Speaking God

February 23, 2015

Grace to you! Words. Sentences. Language. These are things we use everyday (even now as I’m writing!) to communicate. We communicate to express ourselves, to inform others and for a whole host of reasons. Yet we hardly think about something so basic as the ability to communicate. Why is it that all of humanity ‘speaks’? Sure, we take it for granted but did you know all of creation speaks? Animals communicate to one another in their own language. And scripture says even creation ‘speaks’ in a sense. “The heavens declare the glory of God, and the sky above proclaims his handiwork.” (Psalm 19:1) This means that creation testifies to the Creator just as a painting testifies to a painter. But at a more fundamental level, why is there communication at all?

As we continue looking at “Who is God?” we see in God’s very nature that He is and always has been a ‘speaking God’. In eternity past there is the Holy Trinity: Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. Three Persons, but One God. There has always been loving communion and communication between the members of the Trinity. An absolute One God where there is no trinity of Persons could not have a God that speaks because there isn’t anyone else to speak to in eternity past! Only the Christian view of God accounts for the communication we see in all of creation. Why? Because creation reflects the one True God’s nature: He is the God who speaks!

From the very beginning of creation we hear these important words: “And God said…” (Genesis 1:3) We can’t get past the first three verses in the Bible without being told that God speaks. Then we understand more about God speaking because the Son of God, the Lord Jesus Christ, in His eternal nature is also called “the Word of God”. (John 1:1-3) This is not to say that Jesus is the Bible. But it does show a connection between them. The Bible is the Word of God in print but it always testifies to Jesus Christ. (Luke 24:44-47) So the Bible is God revealing Himself and that communication about Himself is located in Jesus Christ. (John 14:9)

So what does all this mean? First, God speaks to us in His Bible that will always center on who Jesus Christ is. Many churches focus on different things such as experiences, certain types of music, or an undue emphasis on the Holy Spirit. A church or an individual if they are in communion with God through the Scriptures will always be Jesus-centered and Jesus-exalting in what they do. The Holy Spirit is God, yes indeed, but His job, like the scriptures He inspired do, is always to point to the resurrected and glorified Jesus. (John 16:13,14) Second, it means we are made to communicate with God. Our speaking is not just for us to speak to other parts of creation, but to our Creator the Speaking God. Speak to Him in prayer and hear Him speak to you in His Word (the Bible) about the Word (the Lord Jesus).

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