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Christmas is here: the Lord has come! Part 2

December 17, 2014

Grace to you! Last week we looked at Micah 5:2. The Old Testament prophet predicted 700 years before Christ (B.C.) came that the coming king to be born would be God in the flesh, exactly what we find in the Lord Jesus! Interesting enough, this is not the only place in the bible that predicts the coming King would be God in human flesh! Another prophet by the name of Isaiah also wrote 700 years before Jesus came. He too made an astonishing prediction about the coming Messiah (Christ). But first some background.

Israel had been under foreign invasion and oppression from the Assyrians. The northern part of Israel, specifically the areas of Zebulun and Naphtali, were the first places to be affected by any pagan and foreign invasion. These areas were considered ‘dark’ due to the physical oppression and pagan influences that invaded these geographical areas first. Why? Simply because they were the northern part of the nation and the access point to the rest of Israel. So these two areas suffered first and usually the most from any invading armies.

Further, Israel had been under disciplinary judgment from God due to them not following Him. He sent an invading army to remind them of the consequences of their disobedience. But it was in the midst of their chastisement that the Lord also brought a word of hope to them. How would they ever be restored in the midst of facing such terrible circumstances? How could they ever topple the great armies of the world? Here is where the Lord gives Isaiah a picture of the ultimate deliverance His people would experience.

Read Isaiah 9:1-7. Hear God promises the regions that faced the darkest of times would also be the first areas to receive the light of God’s deliverance. See Matthew 4:12-16 where Jesus Himself starts His ministry in these areas. Indeed a very direct reference to Jesus as being God since God was supposed to bring light to these areas and yet here is Jesus doing this very thing.

But even more amazing in Isaiah 9:6,7 is that the Child will be given as a sign to God’s people to rule over all things from the promised Davidic family line. So someone born as a descendent of David would one day (remember this was written 700 BC) would come to deliver God’s people. But astonishingly the same child would have his days ‘from eternity past’. (Vs 6,7) How could one be born of a woman and yet be God in the flesh? This is the wonder of Christmas. Jesus is God the Son in human flesh! Let us do what is appropriate this Christmas season. Let’s not only think of the sweetness of the baby in the manger, but remember well that this is the Creator and Savior of mankind. Only in Jesus, deity in the flesh, is there everlasting hope and salvation. Let’s remember to worship our Lord this season!

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