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The Rise of Governance and a Christian Response, Part 3

October 2, 2014

Grace to you! We’ve seen how a government structure that does not have representatives is unchristian. Christ is the exact representation of the Father (Hebrews 1:3) as God the Son and Christ is also the perfect Man to represent us to God as our mediator. (1 Timothy 2:5) Representation is intrinsic to the very nature of God and should be in our government.

Our founders revolted and installed a new government that would represent them. Today, we have many governmental agencies that govern and regulate our lives that have not been elected by the people. In this sense, these agencies are not biblically legit governing bodies and should be opposed until their positions are electable by the people and able to represent the people. One that poses an immediate threat to our local area is Thrive 2055. Most have never heard of Thrive 2055. Go to to see that Marion County is included in this future plan. So what is Thrive 2055 and how should a biblical view of representative government affect our view of it?

Thrive 2055 is a regional plan, often understood as regionalism. I would encourage you to research for yourself the dangers of regionalism on the internet. Like other non-elected agencies, Thrive 2055 seeks to regulate our county, our zoning rights, our property rights, and future plans of infrastructure. Thrive 2055 is like all the other regional plans that are seeking to be installed across various parts of the US. Again, a simple internet search will show the prevalence of these central planners to altar how local government works. If our mayor and county commissioners agree to adopt Thrive 2055, they will be promised lots of money for the county but with many, many strings attached. Interesting enough, you as a citizen will have no voice in the vote. It will be decided by your local officials only.

Regional plans seek to ‘overcome the issues faced at a regional level.’ For example, the greater Chattanooga area and its surrounding counties would be considered a ‘region’. The plan, however, is a cookie cutter approach to addressing various issues. In short, they believe living in rural areas wastes too much land, which they call ‘rural sprawl’. Their solution? ‘In fill’ living, ‘multi-housing’ living. This means they want people to live closer together in apartments or something like it. How will they achieve this? Through rewriting or putting in place zoning regulations about what kind of houses can be built, where they can be built, and how land can or cannot be used. It’s happened elsewhere; it will happen here if we adopt Thrive 2055.

They will talk about ‘smart growth’, ‘sustainable development’, and ‘livable communities.’ These are all terms you would do well to research. I’ll say more in the coming weeks because unelected people seeking to regulate our lives is unbiblical and always leads to a loss of freedom for society.

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