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What’s in a name? part 2

September 15, 2014

Grace to you! Last week we looked at part 1 of how modern man follows Adam’s example of naming things and exercising dominion over them. Labels can be used to bless or control others.

The issue that is now being pressed to be removed from the DSM is pedophilia. It is and will be the next battleground of a society gone mad in sexual deviancy. Now your initial reaction is of outrage, but why? Why when you accept psychology/psychiatry’s former labeling of behaviors from the DSM book as accurate will you oppose the new labels they vote in? The pedophilia issue will be lobbied just like the homosexual agenda was lobbied to the American Psychiatric Association. The pedophiles have taken the playbook from the homosexual agenda and are following it play by play. Prediction: pedophilia will be normalized within the next 20 years. Here’s an article you need to read: Again, the power to label is the power to control. When the secularists who vote on the DSM are given the authority by society, including the church, to name and label people they will soon direct the future of society’s morals and what they accept as normal or abnormal.

Interesting enough, as a society becomes more godless it becomes more opposed to those who are godly and who stand against moral relativism. The DSM will eventually have a fix for that too. Soon labels will be written up over Christians who oppose the secular agenda. It’s happened before. It will happen again. Christians will be given mental disorder labels in the future. Then there will be a ‘medical necessity’ to treat you. Just like someone who is a threat to society can be forcefully and legally taken against their will into a psychiatric ward, medicated, and locked in a padded room, this will be the future of Christians who dissent and preach the truth. Why? Because we’ve given over the dominion mandate God has entrusted to us in naming and labeling things. We have legitimized the secularists to rename God’s world. This is not the same as to say that ALL psychologists and psychiatrists are atheists. But adopting official psychology’s labels puts even Christian mental health professionals in a compromised estate. It puts us all under the mental health professionals’ opinions functional dominion rather than scripture leading the way. The power to label is the power to control.

We cannot remain in a supposed state of neutrality. Either we seek to build, name, label, etc society and life the way God has revealed or we surrender our dominion and stewardship of this world to those who oppose the things of God. There is no middle ground. It’s time for Christians to return to speaking about things as God has spoken about them. We seem to have let much ground slip from beneath us. So where do we go from here? How do we respond to the re-labeling, renaming of God’s world? We’ll look at that next week.

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