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The Rise of Governance and a Christian Response, Part 1

September 15, 2014

Grace to you! We all understand the need for basic government. We choose (somewhat!) and elect our government officials every so often to best represent our values and desires for the society we live in. But do we understand what ‘governance’ is? Do we understand the inherent threat it is to our way of life and what is a proper, biblical response to it?

Governance strictly speaking is the act, power, or process of governing. But in the political realm, governance is more about people and/or agencies governing without voter approval and representation. Many governmental agencies such as the EPA, Department of Education, HUD, etc are governing agencies but neither you nor I have had a vote on who represents us in these agencies. The whole issue of ‘representation of the people’ is missing. This is a looming crisis and a sure recipe for abuse of power and minimizing the citizen’s interests.

How does an unelected governing body threaten us? The founding principle of our government and the very reason we went to war with Britain was over the very issue of representation in government (actually, the lack thereof). Early Americans sought to have their interests expressed through elected officials, however, England arbitrarily overthrew them and ruled over the wishes of the American citizens. The American rally cry was “No taxation without representation.” As long as the colonists had no one to represent them in government, then there was nothing to restrain the dictatorial powers of British government overturning the colonists way of life.

Contrary to the mantra repeated today, America is not a democracy. We are a republic. Simply recite the pledge of allegiance for a reminder. A democracy is, in short, mob rule. You get 51% of the vote and your will gets done regardless if it’s ethical or not. A republic focuses on the rule of law and representation. Both are crucial elements for a good, restraining force of evil in society.

But a wicked society will always seek to overturn the rule of law for the self gratifying desires. The apostle Paul talks about how if men persist in their desire for sin and wickedness, that He will turn us over to our evil desires and in turn create a lawless nation. “ And since they did not see fit to acknowledge God, God gave them up to a debased mind to do what ought not to be done.” (Romans 1:28) It’s interesting to note the more lawless the US citizens become, the more the cry for having a democracy and the flat out ignoring of the Constitutional law restraints on government.

Those crying for full democracy and the ignoring of the rule of law (the Constitution) will in the end find not a raw democracy, but a dictatorship instead. Nazi Germany found this out the hard way.

How does this all tie into the issue of governance, representation, and a Christian response? Next week we will look at how the bible is replete with representation from the nature of God to the glorious incarnation.

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