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God and Government: Immigration, Part 1

September 15, 2014

Grace to you! We are going to look at the hot button topic of immigration and see how scripture would inform us on how to deal with this controversial topic.

Right now, thousands of illegal immigrants are pouring across the southwest border. The federal government has basically told immigration control to do nothing to stop it. Besides being a federal breach of immigration law by the federal government itself, it has many other ramifications. There are risks to the public health with some coming over without vaccinations or carrying diseases that Americans have not been vaccinated for. Gangs and drug lords see the unguarded border as new territory to take or a new drug market to reach into the heart of America. There are the huge financial costs at taxpayer expense on the healthcare industry, infrastructure, job competition, and the hiring of more social workers, police, and others to deal with the effects of illegal immigration.

There are looming threats to the ideals of the American republic that are at risk since the illegals have never been trained to love or think in terms of America’s political philosophy. They bring with them, in varying degrees, allegiances to the form of government they come from. And for most, it was not freedom and the rule of law. A nation of divided language brings a divided culture. A divided culture leads to a division in the nation. This is what almost happened in Canada a few years ago in Quebec. We are pushing the limits on holding the nation together with the mass influx of illegals.

So why aren’t more Americans concerned about this issue and how does the bible set parameters for us to think about it? When Israel came out of Egypt they had many migrants with them who were not Jewish. This was not a problem. The migrants were welcome to travel with Israel as long as they adopted Israel’s way of life and left completely their former allegiances and way of living. The migrants could not benefit from Israel’s way of life and still hold to their former ways. They had to assimilate into Israel’s culture; Israel did not have to adopt or modify to their culture. For America, we are an ethically diverse nation but we all should hold to core principles of what America is. It is a nation with a certain set of laws; these laws are to be equally true for all people not matter the social or ethical class. We also hold to certain ideas about government and the philosophy that undergirds that government. We are a nation “under God” and “endowed by our Creator with certain inalienable rights”. Not all philosophies of life and government are equal. Admitting people who won’t first agree to what makes America “America” will in the long undermine our nation and eventually lead them back into the deplorable conditions they were seeking to get away from. More on this next week.

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