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Evolution’s ideas on Government’s beginning

September 15, 2014

God and government Evolutionary origin of gov’t

Grace to you! Last week we looked at the origin of government as being in the Triune nature of God. This week I’d like to look to see if evolutionary theory can give us a sure footing for the origin of government, what will be its outcome, and if it’s one that is desirable.

Evolutionary philosophy is that the strong survive and the weak do not. This is called natural selection. “Nature” by mere force rules out the weaker forms of life. When applied to government, it means that stronger forms of government will prevail while weaker forms of government will disappear.

Evolutionary theory opines that in order for individuals or family units to survive that it became necessary for them to bind together to solve problems they could not solve on their own. The collective comes into existence to save the individual and the collective. Man is ‘saved’ thru the collective or government. Some people are stronger, wiser, and better than others. They, as Plato said, are the ‘philosophers’ and should be the ruling class to help ensure the society’s survival.

Our society is strongly reflecting a loss of Judeo-Christian thoughts of government and a move towards Darwinian Socialization. In contrast, the bible will keep government localized, small, and provide a check on separate powers. Evolutionary based man (and sinful man) will always seek to centralize power much like men did at the Tower of Babel. Instead of diffusing power throughout the world, ancient man, again like modern evolutionary theory, seeks to centralize power in one place. It’s obvious which way Washington, D.C. is moving.

Evolutionary based government needs to constantly grow. It needs more ‘philosophers’ to meet the evolving challenges that you as an individual, as they say, can’t take care of. It’s why the welfare state plays so well into this theory. The individual becomes dependent on and a ward of the centralizing power. The result? The individual gets absorbed by the collectivist machine. Individualism, personal responsibility, the family, and a host of other things begin to disappear. The individual begins to look and act like all the other ‘individuals’ who become drones to work and keep up the state.

With evolutionary theory driving our modern governmental principles, expect to see more centralizing of power, loss of individual liberties for the sake of the elitist defined ‘collective good’, and a closer move to dictatorship. Expect to see an increase towards globalism. Expect justice to be defined to mean take from the ‘haves’ to give to the ‘have-nots’, although you do not get to distinguish or define who these two groups are. In short, look for the death of man to be replaced by the growth of the state.

There are a host of problems with an evolutionary theory for the origin of government, a major one being it is unprovable. But for man to have good government that blesses rather than destroys him we must have biblical principles to guide our nation and its people.

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