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Biblical Education: Part 2

September 15, 2014

Grace to you! Last week we begin to look at what the bible says how to build an educational model. We noted that re-thinking about education is not against public teachers but about the system they too like the students they are trapped in. God has given us various of ways of learning such as reason, science, experience, etc. Satan asked Eve to use all of these God given ways of knowing to convince her to eat from the forbidden tree in the garden of Eden. (See Genesis 3) What was the issue that led our parents to disobey God even when they used the God given ways of knowing about life and reality? And how does this relate to education?

Our parents abandoned the foundation for the other ways of learning: revelation. God speaking to us is what we call revelation. God’s word was to be the base upon which the other ways of learning were to be established. Reason by itself will lead to uncertainty (as the history of philosophy has shown). But reason built on revelation will provide certainty in knowledge because God has told us about reality and framed the issues about how to use reason. Same is true for science, intuition, etc. All these are valid ways of knowing and learning but they come up short if they are not guided by biblical revelation.

Eve reasoned, performed a scientific experiment, looked to her desired experiences, etc when she ate of the fruit. The problem was that none of these valid ways of learning were sufficient in themselves to let Eve know that the fruit would prove to be deadly for all of mankind. But she did know ALREADY the fruit was deadly. God had already REVEALED that is was to be avoided. (Gen. 2:16) Adam and Eve both should have used God’s revelation as the starting point to how they used their reason, experience, etc to then reject Satan’s temptation. But they didn’t. They thought using the tools of learning alone without God’s revelation would make them wiser. (Gen. 2:6) It didn’t. It brought them into guilt, shame, and folly.

Today’s education model is built off the same lies in the garden. Our modern education model claims that the tools of learning are sufficient in themselves to make us into the people we need to be. This is not only shortsighted but inherently sinful. Knowledge divorced from the bedrock of God’s revelation is the heart of rebellion. And this is what our modern education model is patterned on. Where is the bible seen as the guiding centerpiece of all learning in our schools? Where is the knowledge of God seen as the highest aim and goal of education in all areas of learning? It’s not. And this has huge consequences that we’ll look at next week.

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