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Did Jesus speak against homosexuality?

February 7, 2013

No doubt, the homosexual debate is front and center in our culture. Christians appeal to the Bible as their final authority in taking a stand against homosexuality and pro-homosexual policies. But those in favor of the homosexual agenda will often point to something curiously missing from the words of the One from whom they get their name. Interestingly enough, Jesus never spoke against homosexuality. Matter of fact, He never even uses the word in His entire recorded ministry. Why is it that Christians make such a big deal about the issue if their very Savior never even spoke a word about it? Or is there something in Jesus’ message many are not seeing?

Christ speaks of homosexuality just as He does of bestiality or adultery, or any other type of sexuality outside the context of one man and one woman in marriage…He talks about “immorality” which is a summary term to cover the entire spectrum of sexual deviancy, including lustful looking (Matt. 5:28). 4 times (Matt. 5:32, 15:19, 19:9 and Mark 7:21) the gospels record Jesus speaking against “immorality.” The greek word is ‘pornei’ where we get pornography.  Here is the actual Greek meaning: πορνεία, ας, ἡ –generally, of every kind of extramarital, unlawful, or unnatural sexual intercourse (Source: Friberg, Greek Analytical Lexicon) To be coy, I could ‘find’ exceptions to what Jesus said about theft also…He didn’t say anything about me stealing my neighbors Xbox, or Car, or Wallet, or TV, or lawnmower, ad infinitum…So it must be ok for me to do those since He didn’t EXPLICITLY mention them. No, because he used a summary term to cover all the exclusions (You shall not steal – Matt. 19:18).   Again, same with the term “immorality”. Jesus covered a lot of ground with just one word. So it’s clear Christ spoke against homosexuality (along w/ all other sinful sexual acts) if we take Him on His own terms and in His context. Hope this helps.

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  1. Nick permalink
    February 7, 2013 3:54 AM

    That’s good, but you passed over the divorce passages too quickly. In Matthew 19:4, Jesus said: “Have you not read that He who made them at the beginning ‘made them male and female?’” To put it in today’s lingo, God made Adam and Eve, not Adam and Steve (and not Erin and Eve). Yes, Jesus condemned homosexuality, right there!

    Second, Jesus said in Revelation 22:16: “I, Jesus, have sent My angel to testify to you these things….” What things? Read the previous verse: “But outside are dogs and sorcerers and sexually immoral and murderers and idolaters, and whoever loves and practices a lie” Those are the words of Jesus, and “dogs” is a reference to homosexuals (because of their doggish acts).

    Third, Paul said “If anyone thinks himself to be a prophet or spiritual, let him acknowledge that the things which I write to you are the commandments of the Lord” (1 Cor. 14:37). So whenever Paul condemned homosexuality (e.g., Rom. 1; 1 Cor. 6:9; 1 Tim. 1:10; 2 Tim. 3:2a), Paul would want you to think of it not merely as Paul’s writings, but as coming from the Lord Jesus Himself.

  2. hckilgore permalink*
    February 9, 2013 8:30 PM

    True, thanks for the input Nick. The intention was very single minded to respond to the common accusation that Jesus never said (apparently what the rest of scripture says doesn’t matter) anything against homosexuality. But yes, the divorce passage by induction could definitely point to the sinfulness of homosexuality. However, many will say: “Sure, God hates divorce. It still doesn’t necessarily forbid homosexuals from marrying. Just if they do marry, they should not divorce.” Twisted I know but that’s the response pro homosexual advocates will seek to give. So I stuck w/ the narrow focus where Christ condemns sexual sin as whole. Thanks again for the insight! Btw, I do fully agree the divorce passage by implication shows the inherent sinfulness of homosexuality and/or homosexual unions.

  3. nmigliacci permalink
    February 9, 2013 9:36 PM

    When I said “you passed over the divorce passages too quickly,” I wasn’t at all saying that what Christ said about divorce was somehow a “backdoor” condemnation of homosexuality. I wasn’t talking about divorce at all! By “divorce passages,” I was talking about the CONTEXT of the divorce passages, that is, the part where Jesus said, “But from the beginning of the creation, God ‘made them male and female.” In other words, Jesus directly, explicitly, condemned homosexuality (as well as bestiality and polygamy) by citing—and upholding as the only correct pattern for today—what God did in the Garden of Eden. Jesus upheld the created order of one man and one woman, married for life. No induction necessary!

    Now if a homosexual told me, “Sure, God hates divorce,” I would say, “Buddy, did you listen to anything I just said? I’m not talking about divorce; I’m talking about the Garden of Eden and Jesus’ affirmation of God’s design for marriage from the start. What part of ‘God’s-original-plan-of-one-male-and-one-female-is-still-the-pattern-for-us-today’ do you not understand?” What God did in the Garden of Eden DOES NECESSARILY forbid homosexual unions, according to the words of Jesus.

    I agree with your point that Jesus condemned sexual sin, and in so doing, condemned homosexuality. But allow me to throw this at you: what would you say if a homosexual told you that their “committed union” is NOT sexual sin to begin with! What if they said, “Sexual sin is something ‘bad’ people do, not something ‘loving’ homosexuals do.”

  4. Anonymous permalink
    April 1, 2013 10:32 AM

    Unnatural? Do people know that there are homosexual animals?! Of course people are just going to say thats satans work because they dont want to except the fact that the rules of the bible are out of date with the times. Should we go back to stoning people to death for having affairs and disrespecting their parents?

  5. evenwhenilie permalink
    July 20, 2013 5:24 AM

    …to say there are homosexual animals is misleading because animals aren’t gay… A animals instinctive sexual drive can become overwhelming to the point it can drive them to do homosexual acts, but they’re not gay! No animal in the wild or nature exclusively seeks to have sex with the same sex. Stop telling that lie.

  6. Matthews Cash permalink
    October 24, 2014 9:00 AM

    Well, I aspire to be a true Christian, and I agree with you on this subject. I want to make a couple comments. First, the statement “Jesus never spoke out against homosexuality” just isn’t true. Although your explanation of how he did is also true, there is a clearer, more direct way that proves he DID in the Bible. In Matthew 11:20-24 Jesus said that if the miracles that he did were done in Sodom that the people would’ve repented from their sins and they would not have been destroyed. (in a nutshell). Well, that is very clear right there, but there is more! The root word of “sodomy” and “sodomite” come from that sinful city of Sodom which Jesus himself destroyed in Genesis, chapters 18 + 19. All the men in the entire city want to molest the two angels who came into Lot’s house to save him and his family before it is destroyed. Jesus confirms that it was him who destroyed it in John 8:56: Your father Abraham was very happy that he would see the day when I came. He saw that day and was happy.” Genesis 13:13: Now the men of Sodom were wicked, great sinners against the LORD. Jesus makes it clear in no uncertain terms in the New Testament that he clearly IS against homosexuality. Jesus DID speak out against it!

  7. hckilgore permalink*
    October 29, 2014 10:36 AM

    Matthews are correct and I stand corrected! Thanks for the input!! Keep standing for Christ! Grace, hck

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