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Jesus and Santa?!

December 8, 2010

A few musings I have about Christmas. I can’t help but notice the stark contrast between the message of Santa and the Gospels in Christ’s birth. Santa comes because we have been good; Christ has come because we haven’t been good. Santa gives gifts based on good works and behavior; Christ gives eternal gifts DESPITE our bad behavior if we simply just come to Him and receive the gift already earned for us by Him! Santa is a works righteousness season of reward and Christ’s is a grace-filled season of blessing.  Santa’s goal as he comes in a showy, flash filled red sleigh w/ bells and sparkingly dust is to fill all with Christmas cheer, encourage niceness to our neighbors, and indulge in self fulfillment of gifts, etc. Christ comes to the world unnoticed, in a dingy stable to remind the world of the judgement of God against sin and of the righteousness we need that has to come from outside ourselves! Santa reminds us that we can be good neighbors and people within ourselves; Christ’s coming humbles us to receive mercy from God and extend that mercy toward other sinners like ourselves. Santa’s Christmas is about getting more for your life; Christ’s Christmas leads us to give our lives away for the sake of the gospel. I’m not a witch hunt for Santa, but these two views could not be more different. May Christ truly be restored to the center of Christmas.

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