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June 22, 2010


What are the functions of the Law?

1)       Reveal God’s character/Christ’s character  …reveal the holiness of God – this is shown when God put distance between Himself and the people at mt sinaii …the physical distance is symbolic of the moral distance between us and God….also shown in God spoke as being on top of the mtn…the Lord came down to the mtn…Moses had to go up 

2)       show me my sin… cf. uzzah died from touching the ark from falling…he meant well but what matters is God’s word/law…not ‘sincerity’ …if can’t man keep the 10 commandments, how can he keep the greater commandment to believe in the Lord Jesus Christ w/out the radical mercy of God…will you plead with Him today to have mercy on you? To grant you grace to believe because you can’t obey God’s command to believe without His mercy? Will you plead for God’s mercy to you as a sinner?  ….not only man’s inability, but man’s deception thinking he’s ok with God and/or keep God’s commands….Illustration: Mosique in L’ville…”I keep the 10 commandments.” “Can you name them?” cf. Rich young ruler “what shall I DO TO EARN salvation…I’ve kept the commandments since my youth up…”…jesus shows Him the folly of such thinking!!!..then challenges him w/ the two greatest commandments…”Love God (Follow me) and Love your neighbor (sell all you have and give it to the poor!) …cf Isaiah 6 …when he saw God, he saw the evil of his heart in how he broke God’s law…”I’m a man of unclean lips …I’ve seen the Lord.”….”Job: Ive heard about you, but now I see you and I repent in dust and ashes….reason we are not broken or tolerate sin or don’t see it that bad is because we have not seen God!   

  1. ( what about ‘we need to start where people are because they may not understand law?..this is fallacious on two accounts…
  2. scripture never says that they can’t understand or that this is just a way out of many ways to reach sinful man 
  3. God’s law is ALREADY written on their hearts, so there already IS a point of contact – Romans 2:14,15  

3)      Show me Christ’s active obedience (cf. to passive obedience of cross) that I need to be saved cf. lack in evangelical thought…recall double imputation..

4)      Shows me need of mercy as a sinner, law breaker – amazing bec of God’s holiness and our flagrant breaking of the law that God has a way to bring about justice and mercy in Jesus Christ!!!!  Cf.Hebrews 12:18- 25!!!!  If you think God’s judgement, wars, bloodshed was bad in the OT, Hebrews says that is nothing compared to what those who refuse and know of jesus Christ now it will be far, far worse!!!…cf Illustration: father/daughter caught in prarie fire…burned ground in front of them…only found refuge from fire when stood on land that had already been burned!

5)      As a believer, reminds me of my need of grace (Galatians: “you who began by the Spirit are you now being perfected by the Law/flesh?!”) – raw obedience, commandment keeping apart from the Spirit of God will defeat you as a believer and drive you back to the cross, where you’ll be reminded of His love, and where you will be motivated by His love to keep His law

God has decided not to regulate the punishment of certain crimes now in the time of now, but at death…but His view on these things has not changed!

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  1. August 13, 2010 1:48 PM

    Added to my bookmark list :)

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