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Biblical Assurance: Part 4

June 30, 2009

Biblical Assurance: Part 4

                I want to continue our look into Romans 8 as providing us with grounds for having assurance of salvation. It’s no secret that we all struggle with the assurance of our standing with God at times. Questions like, “How do I know I am really accepted by God?” run through our minds. Romans 8 deals with this issue very thoroughly.  Paul, after having struggled through his sanctification, reflects once again upon the doctrine of justification. It is the legal act whereby God declares a sinner as just and accepted by Him. In justification, God does not hold the individual’s sin against them and as a result there is no judgment left for the individual (See 8:1). It is a present, ever abiding reality for the believer who is declared innocent because the judicial act of justification is a once-and-for-all ruling by God that He does not overturn. I’m forever declared innocent on all accounts.

                How can we be sure He won’t overturn His ruling and as a result we are lost again? “What if commit the sin of (fill in the blank here)? Will I forfeit my salvation?” The biblical answer is no! Why? Because ALL the requirements that I need to meet in order to satisfy all the commands/desires God requires of me have ALREADY been fulfilled! (See 8:4) I don’t have to obey any commandments to be accepted by God because Jesus has already obeyed ALL of them for me. He has obeyed them thoroughly in thought, word, deed, and desire! Where I fail(ed), He succeeded! The requirement was that the Law had to be fulfilled completely in the letter (outward conformity) and spirit (inward and heart conformity) to satisfy God’s demands of obedience. I did not want to nor was I able to (See 8:6-8) obey God! Christ did for me what I could not nor did I want to(!), do for myself. This is why salvation is ‘of’ the Lord.

                This is why Romans 8:28 is precious! Even my sin and shortcomings, rather than separating me from God as they should do, now God uses and turns to bring blessing into my life!! Why? Since all the Law is fulfilled for me by Christ and since positionally –my legal standing, not actually by virtue of my performance – I am completely righteous, there is no curse left on me because of my disobedience since I am in Christ. So since there is no curse left for me, the only thing left for me is blessing!!! The Bible only presents two positions we stand in before God: blessed or cursed. Since Christ became my curse (Galatians 3:10-14) and took my condemnation, my only option is blessings! And that is exactly what Romans 8:28 is! So not only will I not be judged for my sin, Romans 8:28 even tells me that (God forbid I do!) when I do sin even that sin God will use to bring an eventual blessing to me!

                How does this relate to assurance? First, it removes all obligations of performance based acceptance with God. I don’t have to be ‘good enough’ for God to accept and love me. Second, even my sin should remind me of the great price and way Christ has SECURED for me ALREADY! How is God glorified when I sin? Because once again it is put on display that the work of Christ is good enough to remove any and all curse, any and all separation that comes as a result of sin, and even turn my sin into a blessing for me by drawing me closer to Him, leaving in me a greater appreciation for what He’s done for me. God has already given you the greatest gift, Himself through His Son. How will He not give you all else that you need in light of that truth? (8:32) Only God is your judge! Not the devil and not even YOU and your disturbed conscience! If God has pardoned you, then you cannot think unclean what God has declared clean!! (8:32-39)

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  1. July 9, 2009 10:53 PM

    I appreciate your stand at the convention against the heretical books they sell at Lifeway. Having come out of hyper-charismatic, Word of Faith, signs and wonders cult, it is refreshing to find more SBC pastors making a stand against false teaching and wolves in sheep’s clothing. I pray that Sola-Scriptura will win out over the “love of money”. Thank you again brother for your stand against heresy.
    Your Brother In Christ,
    Jeff Ray

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