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News Update! Full power/authority will be given to Pres. Obama

April 28, 2009

Senator Arlen Specter has just announced he is switching politcal parties from the GOP to the Democratic party. Why is this important? Because before the GOP members of Congress could stall any legislation of the President that was unfriendly to American interests, radically left in position, socialist in agenda, etc. The Dems needed 60 to stop any stalling of the GOP. Spector’s change now puts the Dems w/ 59 and with Al Franken’s illegal taking of the Senate seat in Minnesota, it will tip the balance to 60. Obama’s limits will be untounched until the people have an opportunity to vote again in 2010. But how much damage will be done by then? Will the tide be able to be turned? Obama has just had 100 days and look at the precedent he has set already. Now he’ll have a year and half of unmitigated, unchecked, unchallenged, unquestioned authority from Congress. I hold out hope because as the Reformers used to say, “Post tenebaum, lux.” “After darkness, light.” Christians, be ready because free speech will be stopped. Pastors/Christians will be arrested, fined, or whatever for preaching hate speech from behind the pulpits all the while our President shakes hands with terrorists. Look for universal healthcare, increasing gov’t control of schools, businesses, etc. Look for the homosexual agenda to be promoted/pushed/celebrated. Look for hate-crime legislation soon to be on the table about anyone speaking against homosexuality, including ministers! God help us, yet we deserve God’s judgment for killing 50 million babies, destroying marriage, rejecting the gospel, living for our American ideals/pursuits or better known as ‘idols.’ I am praying but I will not stand down on my convictions no matter what is ruled ‘illegal’. Pray for courage to stand that we wil be found faithful for ‘such a time as this.” What a great opportunity to be able to stand for the glory of God in increasingly dark times! “Here I stand, God help me.” – Luther

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  1. Shayne Ellison permalink
    May 18, 2009 7:30 PM

    Did your blogging privileges get removed after this one?!! I wanna hear more! Just checkin in with you Channing. Looking forward to more.

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