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Global warmeres stuck in icy situation!

March 19, 2009

I couldn’t help but laugh at the global warming idealists who are now trapped by a ‘dangerously cold’ situation. I will pray for their survival but maybe when they get home they will rethink their ‘science’ of global warming after almost freezing to death. Yes, and I do think the good Lord has a sense of humor!  See here:,2933,509735,00.html  This reminds me of another story of when world wide recongnized nobel physcist, chemist, biologist….wait, never mind Al Gore is none of those!…made a speech in New York a few years back about the fast approaching dangers of global warming that threatens to overheat the earth and destroy it…oh yeah, I forgot to mention that the day he made the speech it was the COLDEST day of the year that year!  Him and his little earth worshippers were bundled head to toe in their parkas, ear muffs, etc. I guess this is the new science that says how we are to protect ourselves from the heat wave?! Al Gore also claimed to have invented the internet. But with so much academic credibility he has (insert sarcasm here), who can hold that ‘mistatement’ by him?!  It seems hard enough to keep up with his current day idiosyncrancies.

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