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Church Bulletin 12

March 5, 2009

The God who has Spoken: Part 2

“He’s just sick! Anyone that would do such a thing as that is sick! He needs professional help.“ We’ve all heard phrases like this whether in real life or on TV. What most don’t realize is that this language and form of thought is, historically speaking, very new.  But it has garnered uncritical acceptance by the masses thanks (or should I say ‘unthanks’?!) to Sigmund Freud. The second, and probably most influential, aspect of his ‘legacy’ is the adoption of the ‘medical model of disease’ for what we term ‘mental health issues’ by society.  A little background is in need at this moment.

                Ever since medicine has been recognized as a field of study and has grown/refined over the years, several things have always pushed themselves to the front of medical practice. If someone has symptoms the doctor has always looked for the root CAUSE of the symptoms. He has never, at least with a good doctor, settled for the mere presence of symptoms to make his diagnosis. For example, you don’t go to a doctor today complaining of chest pains and based on a few symptoms you disclose to the physician along with a few follow up questions by the doctor allow him to schedule you for emergency heart surgery! What he will do is actually perform PHYSICAL, MEASUREABLE, and OBSERVABLE tests on you to determine the biological cause of your symptoms.

Why would you not allow him to give you any medicine or surgery treatment after you’ve only described your symptoms and answered a few questions he’s asked you? Because your description of symptoms and his questions are highly subjective, depending on what you tell him and what the doctor’s bias is in asking the questions. For example, a heart specialist is going to think in terms of your heart first. Your actual problem may be in gastro-intestinal. All you may need is some Mylanta! How do you actually know? Medical, biological tests will be the ‘proof in the pudding.’ A MD may have a good hunch what it is, but doesn’t know SCIENTIFICALLY for sure without appropriate blood tests, chest x-rays, etc.  This medical model of disease is NOT, I repeat NOT, how a psychiatrist and psychologist make ‘medical’ diagnoses. Freud’s disastrous contribution is that he got the professionals and society as a whole to take what we term today as ‘mental health’ issues brought under the ‘medical model of disease’ umbrella.  Exclusively before ALL these issues were seen to be under the rubric of pastoral care. In other words, mental health issues were seen only in terms of spiritual problems.

The main problem today with the ‘medical model of disease’ being applied to ‘mental health’ issues is that the psychologists and psychiatrists do nothing medically scientific in testing, proving, verifying, etc. any ‘mental health’ issues. For example, where is the blood test, tissue samples taken, etc. to prove bi-polar disorder? Where is the lab test to show the presence of social anxiety disorder in the body? Have you seen any urinalysis test for depression? In the case of depression, some people do have hypothyroidism. But here the symptoms/contributing factor to the depression IS medically provable through empirically, verifiable tests. Again, no mental health issue as they are known today has a scientific basis for its ‘diagnosis’!  All mental health diagnoses are based solely on some questions that were VOTED on by a board of psychologists and psychiatrists to arrive at a ‘consensus’ diagnosis. (What’s that mean? It means they all couldn’t agree on what should define a certain disorder and the questions to be used to ‘diagnose’ it! Majority rules in deciding what’s a disorder! Hey, I’m glad they didn’t do this with diagnosing cancer or my kidney problems!) Mental health issues are not scientifically provable. Freud has gotten the American culture and church to accept a medical model of disease for what we use to call sin and spiritual issues.

By the way, Freud and his disciples have all verbally and in their writings expressed their desire to replace Christianity with a humanistic approach to man’s problems. They wanted to be the ‘new priests of society.’ That’s not my word; that’s a quote from them! Church, we must spit out this spiritual poisoning from secular counsel and look for the answers in God’s word. Read Psalm 1 about what God says about following the counsel of the world. More could be said but read our book in the library on “Deceptive Diagnoses”. When are we going to realize we have ALL we need in God’s word to be able to minister to one another and the world around us through the LIFE CHANGING message of Jesus Christ?

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