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Satanism Request Update

February 27, 2009

I was asked a few weeks ago to make some brief comments on the Order of NIne Angels from my standpoint. I wasn’t aware of the ONA in two respects: 1) ONA is the name of Satanist group with a rather small following that is very secretive. They look to further evolution and help usher in the a new Aeon.  2) ONA could also refer to the belief that there are nine classifications of angels/demons listed in the bible in the sense of a heirarchal structure.  

As regards the Satanist group known as ONA: Obviously this is wrong not just because it is Satanic. But it’s wrong just as false orthodoxy or dead orthodoxy within Christianity is. Romans 1:18 tells that natural, unregenerate man (that’s what we all are outside of Christ) suppresses the truth of God’s revelation of Himself to man. So in that sense it’s evil just as any other stance, except for bowing the knee before the risen Jesus Christ, is the spirit of anti-Christ. All men need the grace that is found in Jesus Christ. I’m no better in my standing before a Holy God as the most dedicated Satanist/ONA without the shed blood of Jesus Christ to atone for my evil, anti-Christ heart. The scriptures speak very clearly in Ephesians 2:1-3 that if we are not “in Christ”, then we are by “nature” children of the devil, or Satan worshippers! This true for ‘good people’ in the world who have not surrendered to Christ’s lordship! In other words, anyone who doesn’t worship the Triune God through Jesus Christ is a Satanist according to the Bible! But the good news is Ephesians 2:4-10! I’ll let you read it for yourself! Summary: it says all Satanists (that’s all of us!) can be Christians, or Christ followers!

As regards the heirarchal structure of Nine Orders of Angels: There seems to be a slight hint in scripture that there are different classifications of angels. However, the bible NEVER calls us to worry about this issue. Read Colossians 2:17,18 warns about emphasizing angels (mere created beings!) over the inexhaustible riches found in the Risen Savior and Lord – the Messiah Jesus! Again, according to Romans 1:18ff man is always wanting to give more attention or worship to the created things rather than to the Creator! Such is the heart of sinful man! Paul talks about powers, principalities, etc in several of his letters but never emphasizes this functional order for any spiritual benefit. So functionally and in regards to spiritual growth,  what does it matter if we (hypothetically speaking) could know a heirarchy of angel structures? None! When Paul talks about spiritual warfare in Ephesians 6 (he talks about principalities, power, etc) he does so in the context of Ephesians 5:18-6:3. What does he talk about here? Relationships! Pauls says if you have lost in maintaining your relationships with others in a gosepl-centered, Christ-honoring way, then you have lost spiritual warfare! He doesn’t say focus on casting out demons or naming one of the 9 order of angels. He says repent and reconcile with those people you had the relationships with! That’s how you beat Satanic activity! For one more example, see Genesis 3 when Satan makes his 1st attack. What does the old Serpent do? He attacks the family and divides their allegiance to God. Win in your relationships with God’s grace and you, like Paul, won’t have to worry about ONA. Those who are in ONA need to rather focus on the Creator and not the creation. See Revelation 19:10 where an angel tells John not to worship and focus on him but rather on Christ, who is the Son of God! Hope these brief comments help. Grace, HCK

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