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The Economic Bailout

February 18, 2009

I don’t know what to say anymore. I do believe America as our fathers intended it is gone. Socialism is here to stay and no one seems to think anything of it. I pray for Reformation and Revival so that the church will be what it’s supposed to be. Two good books on understanding Socialism from an economics standpoint are: “Poverty and Wealth” by Ronald Nash and “Biblical Economics” by R.C. Sproul, Jr. Very well written, insightful, and they even answer potential objections. They also show the consequences, which God help us, we will soon be reaping due to the bailout. I aslo have a short sermon outline on here abot biblical economics. It should be under the Sermon Outlines Section on the right side of the page. The church has missed the opportunity to address issues like this and inform its people and society about how God says life should be run. Yes, the bible even speaks about economics! We hurt ourselves, others, and our country when we fail to heed God’s word – not to mention we are disobedient to the word of God and pervert justice and have unbalanced scales in God’s eyes! God bless.

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