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‘Yes, I’d like to play an order. How much for a virgin…?”

January 13, 2009

I read the article (found here:,2933,479746,00.html  ) about a young lady who is auctioning off her virginity. The highest bid so far is 3.7 million dollars. Why does she want to do this? To pay for her education degree. Where do you start? I could point out the moral degradation and example this sets for others. The whole story is couched in very easy going statements as if it’s no big thing. She even states that it’s not an issue with her because people give their virginity away and society doesn’t even really value it anymore. The idea struck her how her sister paid off some debts with only 3 weeks of prostitution. Watch out bankruptcy lawyers! Now you have competition in the market of settling debt accounts. But I too have prostituted myself freely by giving away my virginity. She is right. I didn’t value mine at all. Nor do many other millions of people. Her argument is that at least she’s getting paid for it. Where is the church at in this? Why have we not been a moral restraint in society. I contend again that we have left the Deuteronomy 6 model in our homes/churches.

The young lady has sold her dignity already by being willing to auction off her pursuit of education. This is an idolatrous pursuit. An idol is anything I want so much I’ll sin to get it or I’ll sin if I don’t get it. The whole point of the OVEREMPHASIS of education these days, especially for women, is really unbalanced. Nowhere is college education demanded to succeed in life. Stats do show that you’re more likely to make more money by furthering your education. But not always: my brother makes close to $50,000 running a small crew with his construction company. I have a Bachelors and Masters degree and don’t even make close to half of what he does. Post high school education has become a cultural marker of passing into adulthood rather than actually fulfilling what it promises to do: make getting a job easier and make you more money and thereby make you more satisfied in life. This just isn’t so. My non-college brother loves digging in the dirt with his life size Tonka toys. First let me say, I’m not against further education. I am against how it’s solely a marketing device to get more money through the education system rather than seen as an option. Today it’s presented as “if you don’t go to college you’re second class or you’ll never do anything with your life.” In other words, where is wisdom in discerning whether further schooling is needed or not? It’s assumed today that it’s a must. This isn’t the case. Besides I’ve met many who got their undergrad degrees and are now doing other things than their degree studies. Ahem, myself included.

I think this idolatrous push for further education is even more detrimental to women. Let me explain because I think over time it makes women more vulnerable to various temptations much like the young woman is giving in to. What is God’s design for women? She is to be under the protection and guidance of her father until she is moved from his authority to her husband’s. Her design, like her husband, is for marriage. This is God’s will, not necessarily college. Yet Christian parents say, “Make sure you get your education before you think about marriage.” My first response is, “Can you show that to me out of the Bible?” Where does God MANDATE such high pressures especially for women? This is radical American individualism, feminism, and sissy maleness at work. Women are to be lovingly protected from the savage wolves of society. Tragically, here this young lady is throwing herself to the dogs. No father, no husband in the wings to shield her from predators, or even from her own destructive choices. Men, it’s because we haven’t stood that we now expect of women what we expect of men in the world in terms of work, self-sufficiency, and toughness. In the process, they lose their femininity, dignity, and cultural value. We lose also. We and our children after become barbarians. Gentlemen, we must lead as Christ does the church for the value of the women he has called us to protect. Paul says a woman is to be primarily known as a ‘keeper of the home.’ What will this lady offer her future home after such an event? And do you know what degree she is pursuing with the money she will be making? Sex and family therapy. What will be her counsel when another young lady comes in torn between getting a degree and having a more comfortable living or marrying early to a man she loves although the will have to cut corners? Maybe she says, “You can have both. Don’t give your virginity to your husband on your wedding night. Sell it, make the money, and then you and your husband can enjoy the benefit of neither of you having to work.” If this young lady follows through with this I do not believe even with the money she will follow through with the education. Why? Well, why work 4+ years through school to make a good living when you can do it another way. The nature of sin is that it is progressive. This will open the door to something else. I pray for her. I pray Christ’s mercy will find her like it did me. I pray God will wake the ‘girly men’ who encourage wrong expectations of women in the world. God has designed us to protect them and fight for them. It’s sad when the world, although in a perverted way, values this girl’s virginity (at $3.7 million) more than men in the church do. Will we lovingly direct our young men and women for the DESIGN God has for them. Marriage and not necessarily college. Today’s formula is “College but not necessarily marriage.” That’s just like Satan to take what God does and flip it on its head.  But my question, why don’t we stand up and challenge the world’s idea of success. See we as the church should want her to see her lose her virginity too – in a monogamous Christ honoring, wife cherishing, husband sacrificing relationship. Here she could give it away but be able to forever keep it’s sacredness with the one she loves.

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