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France, Muslims, and Persecution

January 6, 2009,2933,476866,00.html The link tells of the Jews in France being persecuted due to the current Israeli/Palestinian conflict. Some estimates are that France, and England is not far behind!, is 1/3 Muslim. The writer predicts  a violent take over in France and an attempt in London w/in the next 20 years. The Muslims only want to speak of freedom when it gets them what they want. (The word ‘freedom’ to them has been corrupted to mean ‘protected rebellion’) They believe in a totalitarian Koran ruled universe. If you don’t think that’s the case, ask them yourself. Many Muslims are on record telling other Muslims to have as many children as possible in order to raise up fighters for the coming Jihads. America is asleep at the wheel due to driving under the influence of ‘toleration, free speech, and diversity” as its now defined. Ask a Muslim if he believes that and he’ll respond, “That was a very good joke.” They rountinely chant, “Death to America!” And that is no joke. Because the church has not been salt/light in our society, key ideas of freedom like liberty, free speech, etc have been redefined by liberals and self-seeking groups. Will you take a stand? If not, get ready. Persecution is coming to a theatre, er um, city near you.

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