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Church Bulletin 5

December 30, 2008

The God Who Is There: Part 5

Much like these little articles, the problem of evil just doesn’t seem to want to go away. The mystery of iniquity (how evil arose in a perfect being in a perfect place with no prior example of evil) states only that we don’t know HOW evil could start in an upright being. It doesn’t rule out the notion/reasons God may have had in ordaining that evil come about in His plan. If we don’t accept the biblical answer about the mystery of iniquity (that is, that God does NOT create evil yet He ordained it to come to pass), then the whole problem of ‘evil’ disappears. Yes, you read that last sentence right. What do I mean? The mystery of iniquity is ONLY a problem for the theist (believer in God). If God doesn’t exist, then neither does evil. So then the question remains: what are they really talking about?!  As a matter of fact, evil is one of the BEST evidences for God’s existence. Again, recall that the non-existence of God means there isn’t a Moral Lawgiver who gives absolute Laws (we call them the 10 Commandments, etc) to measure evil vs. good against. Or, another way to say it is: no God = no standards = no evil = no ‘problem of evil’. If you don’t believe in God, then don’t get mad when I steal your money, burn your house, or whatever else I ‘feel’ like doing. You have no more of a right to tell me what to do than I have to decide if I want to shoot you in the face and laugh about it. I’m being extreme I know, but logically this where the atheistic mindset leads. If there’s no God to tell me what’s right, I define what’s right! All we can do now is talk about ‘preference’. 

But says the morally upright atheist, “I prefer women not to be raped.” But because he has no absolute moral law/Lawgiver to measure evil by, the rapist replies, “Well, that’s true for you, but not true for me.” Why an atheist would morally be upset about crime, war, death, disease, etc. doesn’t make sense from their standpoint! But of course, we know (See Romans 1:18ff) that man is always wanting to suppress the truth of God and make up his own, albeit always inconsistent, worldview. Here’ s a key point: The best way to test a person’s worldview, philosophy of life, etc is to see if it can be truly lived out in the real world and if it really matches reality (the way things really are!). The atheist can’t be consistent. He speaks with a forked tongue: “God does not exist” negates his question “Why is there evil?” I really find in ironic that the atheist, who is evolutionary and believes in the survival of the fittest would argue against any human committing atrocities against another person. On what basis do they say this? ‘Evolutionary nature’ teaches us the way of savage survival. One devours another to ensure its own survival. The weak are destroyed and the strong survive. To me, the atheist is schizophrenic in his worldview. He wants no ‘evil’

but yet believes in ‘survival of the fittest’ and ‘the end justifies the means.’ We must push them to see their inconsistencies. This is one of the best ways to get them thinking about ultimate issues. We need to help them feel the rub of wrong thinking. Don’t let them ‘borrow capital’ from a Christian worldview (eg. the concepts of good/evil, justice, etc) and shoot you with it. Tell them they can’t use those ideas. They don’t belong to the atheist but to the Christian. Reread those last 6 sentences and make it part of your evangelism! They may not convert, but it may silence their rhetoric against us.

But here the atheist will object that you are inconsistent also. They contend, “If God is all powerful, loving, and wise, then His nature by necessity would MAKE Him stamp out evil.” Their argument is that if God is all these things, then He MUST act according to His nature. If He acted according to His nature (again, which God must because He can’t deny who He is!), then this means that your worldview is also inconsistent. Summary: “God is a certain type of being. We don’t see Him act according to how His character MUST act. Therefore, God does not exist!” The quick reply to this is, “How do you know this?” The presuppositions (an idea that’s assumed, not necessarily proven, to be true) is that 1) God cannot have any higher purposes for ordaining evil to come about 2) God in His nature can’t allow evil to exist. This line of thinking assumes/presupposes that man can figure out by reason ALONE what God is able and not able to do in His Person. That’s a mighty tall order that they can’t justify. See, their reason tells them what God must be like if He existed. They also want to pick and chose details about what the bible says (God is all good, powerful, etc) and ignore the rest of the biblical data (See following). But in my worldview, God tells and shows me some things about why He would ordain evil. He also shows me that He and evil can and do coexist together, without God’s character being in trouble. The atheist is exercising faith…blindly! I’m exercising faith in a God who in time/space reality raised His Son from the dead to overcome evil for us and the cosmos. The questions are, “Where will you place your faith? Will you make a blind leap of faith like the atheist, or will you ground your faith in reality as God has revealed Himself in His Son through His birth, life, death, and physical resurrection from the dead?” God has not only spoken, He has acted in time/space reality. And yes we do believe God must act according to His nature, but we take the whole biblical data about who God is and not just part of it. Next week, the different categories of evil and WHY God would ordain evil. Check out my new blog @ Feedback is welcome. is coming soon via James Watlington! Thanks bro!

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