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December 26, 2008


Section I.
A) God’s people are not exempt from trials and/or personal loss. 1:1-5
B) God is working in our lives even when it seems He is not. 1:1-18
C) Be careful you do not reject and miss God’s blessing. 1:6-18

Section II.
A) God provides for us in our needs and losses. 1:1-18
B) Beware of letting a limited viewpoint control how you see the world. 1:19-22

Section III.
A) Trust God to sovereignly work and bring His plan together. 2:1-7
B) You should still be able to see and focus on God’s grace even in the midst of trials. 2:20
C) Do not reject wise counsel because God often works through other godly people. 3:1-5
D) Do not allow consequences to govern your behavior. Be obedient to God and allow Him to work out the details.  3:6-4:12

Section IV.
A) Be honest in all your dealings with people. 4:1-12
B) God is a God who redeems in all situations. 4:13-17
C) The LORD often provides for us in unexpected ways. 4:13-17

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