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December 26, 2008

Review – Creation, man, fall and the consequences of sin (violence filled the earth), flood and its effects (sin judged, world destroyed, fossil record, promise of rainbow, picture of coming judgment), now next episode


“Babel” is composed of two words, “baa” meaning “gate” and “el,” “god.” Hence, “the gate of god.” A related word in Hebrew, “balal” means “confusion.”
Babylon becomes, in history, the fountainhead of false religion in the Post-Flood world. The city Babylon and Iraq figure in Biblical prophecies connected with the end of the age. “Mystery Babylon” is an even more theme in Bible prophecy. Revelation 17-18 depicts God’s final judgment of world religion plus world commerce and trade since these man-made systems have sprung from the source rebellion of Nimrod and Babel.
-Man wants to build a city/name for himself///….God wants to build a city for man/ make a name for Himself in Christ Jesus….”his name is above every name.”
the Babylonians built great towers called ziggurats, which were built in a circular fashion with an ascending staircase that terminates in a shrine at the top, around which are written the signs of the zodiac. Obviously, the tower was a religious building, intending to expose man to the mystery of the heavens and the greatness of God. That, perhaps, is what is meant here by the statement that they intended to build a tower with its top in the heavens. They were impressed by its greatness architecturally, that is, it was a colossal thing for the men of that day to build and they may have thus thought of it as reaching into heaven
From that day on this has been the motto of humanity, “let us make a name for ourselves.”
That is the central thought of humanism, glory to mankind.
The fact that this was a religious tower-and yet built to make a name for man-reveals the master motive behind religion. It is a means by which man attempts to share the glory of God
it was a way of controlling God, a way of channeling God by using him for man’s glory.
also a desire for independence from God
We cannot forget that one characteristic of the God of the Bible is that He names people. He gives them names symbolic of what He is going to do with them or make of them. God named Adam (Gen. 5:2), Abraham (Gen. 17:5), Israel (Gen. 32:28), even Jesus (Matt. 1:21). In each case, the names point to what God has done or will yet do. The people of Babylon wanted none of this. They wanted to establish their own reputation and eliminate God entirely.
The essential identity of the various gods and goddesses of Rome, Greece, India, Egypt, and other nations with the original pantheon of the Babylonians is well established. [In fact], Nimrod himself was apparently later deified as the chief god (‘Merodach’ or ‘Marduk’) of Babylon.
This could mean that the top was dedicated to the heavens as a place of worship (the view of Morris) or even that it had a representation of the heavens (a zodiac) upon it.
I think this last possibility is the real meaning, for the reason that astrology, which focuses on a study of the zodiac, originated in Babylon.
3 uses of “come” – man to man to defy God/ God to Himself –trinity?!- to personally investigate man’s attempts (explains what this does and does not mean)/ God to man for man’s benefit – “if any many is thirsty, let him come and take of the water of life freely.”
If people could not communicate with each other, they could hardly cooperate with each other. This primeval confusion of tongues emphasizes what modern man often fails to realize: the real divisions among men are not racial or physical or geographic, but linguistic. When men could no longer understand each other, there was finally no alternative for them but to separate from each other

Humanity was to subjugate the untamed Earth by dispersing themselves

Cf end times – people will join together in their religious efforts to glorify man, reject god, and serve their own purposes…..Christ will come in judgment and restore all things to the Father and restore creation to a New Eden
Peleg , which means ‘division’, was the name which this particular descendant of Noah and Shem acquired by virtue of his presence at the scene of God’s judgment of the Tower of Babel (Genesis 10:25).

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