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2 Corinthians 1:3-11: The God of Comfort

December 26, 2008

2 Corinthians 1:3-11
Truth: God is a God of comfort to every believer.
We should look for comfort from God…
I)    Because of who He is – vs.3
God=Sovereign   Father=intimate     Our way of relating to Him=Jesus   God of ALL comfort    Father of mercies
Illustr. –just as expect mechanic to fix car, doct.-your body, so God’s nature is to comfort/show mercy
Appl.= my sins have separated me/do you believe God is who He says He is/Do act it out in faith?
II)    Through the ministry of others – vs. 4  a) God acts in supernatural, earthy way-uses ordinary means-He uses people
Illust. – random bible verse or side-comment?
Appl.- do you look for God in the everyday, ordinary encounters-people’s attempt to comfort me
b) importance of seeing self as minister- do you actively look for ways to comfort others?
III)    Because we are in Christ – vs. 5- our sole basis for any dealings from God! Receive His benefits-God as Father, His comfort, Power over death (vs 9)  ILLUST. Saul/ Damascus – Our pain is His pain!
IV)    In proportion to our afflictions – vs. 5 a) not too little –despair b) not too much –pampered, no growth  ILLUST-parent/child – needs/wants
V)    Even when all hope seems lost – vs. 8, 9 “Things just couldn’t get any worse!” –Pack animal imagery     vs. 9- present tense-ILLUST_Satellite/orbit  _ Paul’s faith automatic   APPl-given up all rights? Automatically look to God?
What comforts does God offer?
I)    Seeing the divine purpose in the situation – vs. 5, 9
II)    I.D. with Christ and His people – vs. 5, 6
III)    Perseverance through trial – vs. 6
IV)    Deliverance from trial – vs. 8,9
V)    Comfort of not having to rely on self –vs. 9
VI)    Hope of salvation – vs. 10

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