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Matthew 5:27-30 – Adultery of the Heart

December 25, 2008

Matthew 5:27-30
Adultery of the Heart
Intro: Quote stats of Stds, divorce, abuse, political corruption- sometimes
A)    The minimum expectation – vs. 27
a.    7th commandment – God safeguarding the marriage covenant. It is not to be dismissed. It is a covenant before God Almighty. God cares about your marriage more than you do. He took one of His 10 commandments to help safeguard it. It protects the dignity of both people. It protects all people from sin, broken relationships, hardship, etc.
b.    What this is – establishing the legitimacy of the Law…cf. vs. 17-19
c.    What this is not – a changing of what the law originally intended or going beyond what it intended…Cf. Eve “we can’t even touch it”…that is not what God said…He said “don’t eat it”….we have two temptations: to go beyond what God said   as here, to not go far enough.
B)    The fullness of God’s intention – Vs 28
a.    I say to you – speaks w/ authority as a Law giver – Cf. Exodus motif in Matthew…’out of Egypt” ‘baptism’ ‘wilderness temptation’ ‘law from Mtn.’ cf. Scribal tradition w/ 7:28, 29
b.    What this is not – looking at another person is wrong. Vs.
c.    What it is – a look for the purpose of gratifying an illicit desire from one who is not your spouse, whether single or not
i.    What is the root of the problem?
1.     Outward circumstances – NO! but they can provide for greater temptation although they never, never make you lust/choose to sin.
2.    root of the problem – is the heart …Cf vs 28c “in his heart’
ii.    What do people want out of lust or believe about its promises/incentives/payoffs
1.    fulfill a sexual desire outside of God’s bounds
2.    serve the idol of pleasure
3.    looking for refuge/relief in times of trouble or ‘unfilled life’
4.    live for the fullness of the temporal promises rather than looking for the fullness of the eternal  promises 1 John 3:3 ‘everyone who has this hope fixed on Him, purifies Himself, even as He Himself is pure.”
5.    rebel against God’s allotted portion for your life. “My spouse is not satisfying me.” “I’m single and I don’t want to wait or be content with where God has me.” “The grass is greener on the other side.”
for others to serve you…”your will be done” You act as ‘God’.
that fulfilling it will satisfy the tension in the heart or fulfill the unmet wants that we often define as needs
Promise – adventure, instant gratification, and secrecy will be kept – see Prov. 6
it makes you more human: either more manly (take) or more womanly (desirable)
D) Dealings with the sin
1) Heed the Warnings about indulging the sin: vs 29, 30
a. Be ware of the saying, “just one more look, one more indulgence’ will satisfy me. Cf. Prov. 27:20 – ‘the eyes are never satisfied’ cf. Hugh Hefner story about what has to get him excited now. Sin is always progressive in nature. Cf. Romans 6:16 “what you obey, you become enslaved to”…then it becomes like “I can’t get out of this. I’ve tried but to no avail.” Etc.
b. Be aware of trading temporal pleasures for your eternal destiny.
c. Lust is not an isolated sin. Lust violates all the other commandments ….”stealing, if there someone else’s spouse/future spouse and from your spouse/future spouse” ‘breaks the Sabbath where the fulfillment is found in rest, contentment, peace in Christ you seek it in indulging sinful desires’ ‘murder, you don’t treat that person with God given dignity in the image of God and as a sister in the Lord. Lust is really hate of the person as God has designed them and you putting yourself as Creator to remake them to your desired image as a sex/romance fulfillment. Cf. 2 Sam 13 – Amnon and Tamar – he lusted for her, forced himself upon her, and once his passion was fulfilled his true heart was shown in 2 Sam. 13:15 “ he hated her with a very great hatred; for the hatred with which he hated her was greater than the love with which he had loved her.” We can confuse lust for love. Lust leads to other sins. Lust moves people to individual sexual pleasures, using one’s wife for selfish sex (cf. 1 Cor. 7 =your body is for her and vice-versa…sexual fulfillment is to focus on the other person, not mostly on yourself.), physical adultery, to even grosser sins.
d. Repeated indulgence may indicate you are not saved.  Cf. Eph. 2:3 ‘ among them we too all formerly lived in the lusts of our flesh, indulging the desires of the flesh AND of the mind/thoughts, and were by nature children of wrath, even as the rest.”
e. When lust is indulged, God becomes unreal to us. Why? Be/c we know God is all present so we have to kick Him out of our thoughts to indulge the lust and because God will not dwell with uncleanness, even in our thoughts.
Practical steps: vs. 29, 30
get rid of and avoid any and all things that are cause of stumbling to you in this area. Radical amputation!  the ‘right’ place always designated the place of special importance. Cf. “sit at his right hand”   “the sheep that are at His right hand”   Doing radical business even with that with which may be very important to you in regards to your entertainment (internet, tv, movies?), leisure (where you vacation…Cf. bikini vs. underwear garments…is there really a difference?) Cf “evil dead movie where guy chops his hand off that becomes possessed and is trying to kill him…was a ‘scary, funny movie’…cf. stuart scott – man who struggled with lust…lived next door to an adult shop and wouldn’t move …later, was arrested for sexual predatory action…There should be a lot more wounded, crippled Christians than we see today. Sin must be dealt a decisive blow…over and over and over. It is not to be toyed with. Halfway obedience will leave you fully in sin. Either be killing sin or sin will be killing you. Cf’ “thrown into hell”
Count yourself as dead to this sin; that is, I don’t have a right to it. This living is no longer me. I am different in Christ. I died with Him on the cross with this sin. I am now alive to righteousness and holiness before Him. I symbolized this through my baptism. Think often upon the dreadful consequences of indulging that sin.
Stop justifying your sin and repent/confess: ‘it’s only a little sin” noone is hurt by it’ ‘I’m not being satisfied in my current state’ everybody deserves a little fulfillment’ ‘I have a right to look, etc’ Note: your body is not your own; you’ve been bought; glorify God in your body/heart”
Reprogram/repent of the vision of your heart. Romans 12:1-2: The heart is where real lasting change takes place. If you only focus on outward stuff, like ‘making no provision for your physical only’, your heart will rage against you until you put these things back in place or find different ways of fulfilling your lust. –It’a both/and experience…seek God in repent./faith AND make no provision for the flesh (tv, internet, etc)
The reason you indulge the sin is that you think you have the right to do so: you don’t! See people how God sees them. Love your neighbor as yourself. Cf. my Cherokee park experience and how ‘dirty’ I felt after it.
Stop believing the lies of “this person is for my selfish purposes,’ ‘I deserve sexual fulfillment. “I am not getting fulfilled elsewhere, whether single or married.” ‘I will only do this one time’ “I still have control over the situation’ “no one will ever know’ ‘I can’t change, so why try?’ “it’s too difficult to resist’ Cf 2 Cor. 5:14,15 “for the love of Christ controls us, having concluded this, that one died for all, therefore all died; and He died for all, so that they who live might no longer live for themselves, but for Him who died and rose again on their behalf. “
Seek to fulfill the desires of your spouse rather than thinking about self-fulfillment. Cf. 1 Cor 7
Accountability/support; Cf  Covenant eyes, have absolute openness for someone to ask you about anything at anytime…Lust leads to isolation/secrecy. Trying to cover your deeds and/or guilt and shame. Cf Prov. 18:1 “He who separates himself seeks his own desire.”
2 Tim. 2:22 – ‘Flee youthful lusts.” Cf. Joseph and Potipher’s wife. Didn’t stay to ‘pray about it.’ Ran-get away from the tempt. asap. Turn the channel quickly, etc.
The cure for lust is love. Lust seeks to take and/or use someone. Love gives for the sake of the others benefit. How can you serve this person? Maybe pray for God’s grace/blessings upon them as people made in His image.
Pray in general – the more you abide in Christ, the more you produce the fruit of the Spirit, the less you produce the deeds of the flesh
Help others by being modest in how you dress and of how you present yourselves in body language, speech, etc. Cf. diff. between bikini and underwear…is there really a difference?
If married, help your spouse not be tempted by satisfying their sex drive. Cf 1 Cor. 7 “Stop depriving one another (Note: this is a command just like: Don’t steal, lie,etc.) so that Satan will tempt you because of your lack of control.”

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