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Basic Worldview Issues in Genesis 1-3

December 25, 2008

Lessons in Genesis

1)    ‘the earth was formless and void’ and “God saw all that He made and behold it was very good.”    Cf. intelligent design vs. evolutionary thought  Note their language they use ‘design’ ‘they talk about functionality-which implies intelligence/design’, ‘creation’
2)    “God speaks”
a.    Language – Correspondence theory of truth vs. pragmatism/relativism/postmodernism/reader hermeneutic
b.    Education – basis in insipid form: what would be the basis for God communicating? To teach us about Himself, ourselves, and His world. Where do you here this at in modern education? Ask ‘what is the purpose of us learning all of this?” No cohesive argument to hold all the disciplines together. It used to be that theology was considered the queen of the sciences – it taught us why we learned about everything! Cf. to today’s motivation for education – wealth, pride, position, power, comfort, build your kingdom…it serves only selfish ends…you may help others in your pursuit but only if it ‘fulfills’ you! You don’t live/learn for anything bigger than yourself. What about Matt. 6:33?!
c.    The need for counseling outside of ourselves to make sense of our world and life…it’s rooted in us being humans not be fallen, even though now we need it even more…cf. modern counseling vs. biblical view…Cf. Romans 1; 2 Cor. 10:3-5; Col 2:1-4 w/ vv 8-10; Ps 1; Ps 19:7-9; 2 Peter 1:3; 1 Cor. 10:13;
d.    Revelation – special and general; note God is not only transcendent but shows He is immanent when He speaks to man/woman.
3)    “Image of God” –
a.    Man is created relational, intelligent, holy, able to interact w/ transcendent…note modern philosphies…’man can’t touch noumenal world” draw diagram of distinction between “faith and reason” explain this framework that is prevalent in society, church, education
b.    the rise of medicine – cf against atheistic, evolutionary philosophy against Disabled people, abortion, eugenics, selective ‘breeding’ (re: Nazi Germany in seed form! – calling in science, enlightenment!),
c.    ministries of mercy born out of this thought
d.    inherent ability to relate to God (cf. to “God is so transcendent that we can’t know anything about Him. All statements about Him are emotive statements only.” Recall our statement about God being immanent by speaking to man/woman.
e.    Racism and the ‘races’…what about the curse of the Canaanites? What about Israel being forbidden to intermarry with other cultures? What does the NT say about it? Must be of the opposite sex and must be a believer only…these are the only 2 requirements but there is wisdom in some aspects…agreeableness between the 2, what do the parents think, why do you want to be with them – lust or biblical love?
f.    The constitution of the United States…”we hold these truths to be self-evident…that all men are created equal (in dignity, not skills, etc.) and endowed by their Creator by certain inalienable rights”  The image of God…a transcendent truth (explain) is the only basis for civil liberties, protection of the weak, upholding of the common good, and fairness/justice that’s given on a level playing field, and individual accountability/responsibility…You don’t think these ideas matter? Cf. Nazi Germany trial “I was only doing what my country said to do…I was carrying out its wishes in my service” This was said in relation to exterminating Jews in the fire ovens of Aushwitz….Finally someone said is there any standard/right we can appeal to outside of/transcendent over our cultural norms? When you reject divine revelation/natural theology…then, no. No there is not! Your judgement then becomes really arbitrary or might is right. That is, because we beat you in the war, we get to judge you for ‘crimes’ as we see fit to call them crimes.
4)    “Behold it was very good”
a.    art/beauty has some objective markers – it often is a reflection of society of what is accepted and it also influences life “Life imitates art” This is a clue of how to read where society is at…what does it consider ‘beautiful, asthetic’ or as we would say ‘entertaining”?
b.    much art began to become ‘beauty is in the eye of the beholder’ kind after the West began to move away from God….cf. Cistine chapel, da Vinci, etc with modern day ‘art’ ….crucifix in a jar of urine?!
c.    God is the definer of what is good…Truth exists outside of ourselves…
5)    “male/female He created them”
a.    Bible verses on manhood – cf. finding God’s will is often about discovering God’s design!!
b.    Bible verse on womanhood
c.    Complimentarianism vs. egalitarianism – equal in ‘image’/worth but unequal in function woman isn’t designed to do what man does and man isn’t designed to do what woman was!!
d.    Family is the 1st institution…husband/wife relationship proceeds all and every earthly relationship…”leave and cleave”…God’s design for you is marriage!! Casual dating sets the stage for divorce by ‘if I don’t like this person, I can break up/divorce them and start again!”
e.    Nature of ‘one flesh’…illustrative of Christ/church

6)    “subdue the earth”
a.    Work ethic – work is not part of the curse it is part of our humanness; frustration in the work is the curse
b.    Welfare system – ‘if a man will not work, he shall not eat’
c.    Socialism/redistribution of wealth
d.    Graded tax scale – unfair? Just?
e.    Basis for scientific inquiry – evolutionists use ‘borrowed capital’…the evolutionist is actually going against evolution by using science…so what if we perish…aren’t we supossed to in the survival of the fittest? What does it matter if an animal goes extinct? Millions have done so before, why should you interfere with the next extinction-including your own? It’s for the ‘best’ isn’t it in the advancement of ALL lifeforms. Next time you get a virus you can’t defeat with your immune system…don’t take medicine…let your body build new evolutionary mechanisms for the next generation to stop this virus from affecting/wiping out man…again, they use ‘borrowed capital’ from the Christian worldview.
f.    Note how Christianity leads to science exploration cfd to other religions
i.    Islam – fatalistic – accept what’s there…what’s ordained of allah…there skills were borrowed from other cultures they conquered
ii.    Buddhism – goal is to ‘nothingness’ …as w/ other eastern religons ‘reality is not real’
iii.    Greek – goal was to understand, not necessarily was more of an exercise of the mind/reason…think about it, why didn’t it ever become the scientific age?
iv.    Africa – animistic thinking…nature is alive and personal/ancestors/spirits
v.    Christianity’s = cultural mandate and doctrine of sin lead to exploration..Discuss why.
7)    “and Adam knew his wife”
a.    What about our sex drives? What is the biblical view?  Cf. 1 Timothy 4:3 Hebrews 13:4/ cf the whole book of Song of Solomon…very erotic in its use of imagery, etc!
b.    Your goal in marital intimacy is to
i.    fulfill your spouses pleasure. Cf. 1 Cor 7:3
-keeping a self focused goal in sexual fulfillment leads to boredom, sexual deviancy, weakens your intimacy with your spouse, opens the door for temptation outside of marriage
-what if you are single? What about ‘masturbation?’ Is it a sin? Leads to fantasy, self-gratification focus, devalues the other sex, escalates the already there passions but twists them to be depersonalized in their pursuit, it also removes any need of self-control in the sexual area (1 Cor. 7:-12; Gal. 5:22-23)
ii. enjoy the benefits of the act – Proverbs should be ‘regular’ cf. 1 Cor.7:5- both must be satisfied…sex is not to be used as a tool of manipulation…this has been more true of wives
iii. procreation – ‘filling the earth with new people’
c.    Quote on pg. 134 of “what if Jesus had never been born?” book
d.    The sexual revolution of the 60’s….what is its fruit? Widespread std’s, broken marriages, rampant increase of homosexuality and its agenda in Washington “toleration”…note recent agenda statement about Calif. Marriages..”don’t sue for your marriage in another state, so that it doesn’t set precedent and overturn what we’re trying to do on a national scale”. Question “what are you going to do as a Christian?” ….

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