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1 Chronicles 17:1 – 22:5 KILL SIN FOR THE GLORY OF GOD

December 25, 2008

1 Chronicles 17:1 – 22:5

1) David’s house established by God; this is ultimately fulfilled in Christ who rules over all things in behalf of His people, which is His house. Cf. 17:1-15

2) David believes the promises and character of God and acts on theses realities first by worship, hope, thanksgiving. Cf.  17:16-27 Why do we have so much unbelief? We don’t know biblically who God is (you can’t trust someone you don’t know) nor do we trust His promises. How do you respond when you here that there can be change? Hmmpff…vs. yes, thank God. I want that.

3) David immediately goes to battle against the enemies of Israel based on the promise that God had established his kingdom and succeeds!. Parallel is that Messiah, true Davidic king, has one our battle over death, sin, devil, etc.. We likewise are now as He lives His life through us commissioned to attack the enemy of our souls (the remaining sin in our heart) to drive out the enemy of God within and to resist the devil so that he will flee, not focus on him but focus on the sin that’s in our hearts. Cf. 18:1-8
Application: Problem is we don’t believe things can be any different for us. They have been this way for years. We are discouraged by defeat. Cf. Israel’s enemies had been in the Israel land for hundreds of years. David believed things could be different. What about you? This is different than “I don’t want things to be different, or I’m not going to seek God’s glory in this and move from my current situation.” This is unbelief and may be unbelief to damnation. How can you not be motivated by the promises and character of God to action if you know Him?

4) God begins to conquer and make David’s enemies serve him. Notice also our victories began to have a domino effect!!  cf 18:9-13 Cf Romans 8:28 against our sins; etc. There is promise for victory. Do you expect to overcome sin or have you given up? Do you believe your situation is hopeless? God took a shepherd boy and defeated Israel’s enemies that was on every side!

5) David sees God’s faithfulness to His promises in the victories, even in the midst of impossible circumstances when David doesn’t focus on circumstances but acts on faith and obeys! Cf 18:14-17

6) There maybe and will be setbacks/misunderstandings in the midst of victory but that shouldn’t stop us from pursuing victory.. Cf. 19:1-19

7) Sometimes we need to help others in the battle and sometimes we need their help in the battle against sin. Cf. 19:10-15

8) God even makes the big, seemingly undefeatable, enemies fall. Cf. 20:1-8

9) Even when we fail, we still must look to the mercy and character of God. 21:1-13

10) Sin brings chastisement from the Lord to teach us not to practice or love sin anymore. Cf. 21:14-17

11) God’s discipline reminds us of His great mercy and the atonement we need and that He’s provided. This remembrance leads us to worship. Cf. 21:18- 22:1-5
How is all this possible? “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.” What is it we seek to do? To honor God in our lives by declaring war on our sin, believing we can overcome and have victory in our lives and others, and to see God magnified for all that He does and overcomes for us His people that are in Christ Jesus, our Davidic Warrior king!

Closing: Will we pray for us to get mad at sin in our lives and others rather than the circumstance/person, etc and use that energy to come against sin with full force, going in the promises and presence of God to conquer for His glory to show that He is to be treasured more than sin and its promises? Let’s pray for us to be roused out of our sleep, fear, discouragement, etc. because we have already been promised the victory by King Jesus.

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