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Church Bulletin 3

December 24, 2008

 The God Who Is There. Part III

Did you hear the one about the dyslexic atheist who shouted at the Christians, “I don’t believe there is a Dog!” On a more serious note A.W. Tozer said, What I believe about God is the most important thing about me.” 

What you believe or don’t believe about God shapes EVERYTHING about you! The new atheism has affected our morals: “you make or discover your own version of truth.” It’s influenced our medical practices: Dr’s will take the Hippocratic oath (a sworn statement to protect the life and interests of the patient) and turn around perform abortions on demand, allow your health insurance status determine your treatment level, etc. Atheism has affected our educational system: Christ is no longer seen as the bedrock and goal of education. Education is now to make citizens fit for societal use (as the government defines that because they, not you!, set the standardized goals of what a ‘successful student” is). To say that our education is religiously neutral is still to make a statement about who God is. To not have a God-centered education means either 1) God does not exist and therefore we can’t teach ‘myth’ in our education or, 2) If God does exist, there’s nothing of His Person that has any relevance on our education, lives, practices, etc. In other words, if God does exist, His existence has no real life affect on how we live!So do you still wish to take a passive approach to the issue of God’s existence? Let me give you a quote from Richard Dawkin’s website who wrote, “The God Delusion” (which is an all out attack on belief in God, especially the God of the Bible and has already 4 months ago sold over 1.5 million copies!) He has a section on his webpage entitled “Converts Corner” where people write about their conversion experience from belief in God to atheism. Here is what one Utah resident said: “I plan to give copies of The God Delusion and Letter to a Christian Nation to all my family and friends for Christmas this year. I have already de-converted one close friend this way, and am working on a second.” Wow! To celebrate the coming of God in the flesh this Christmas, this guy is giving out books at his own expense to ‘convert’ them to atheism. It’s real and it’s coming your way. And yet, why do only some Christians at South Whitwell share the gospel with friends and family?! Let me put it as plain as possible – What you believe and love you will talk about and share with others. See Acts 4:20. If you are not sharing, you don’t love the Lord or His gospel. If you claim to be a Christian but don’t know how to share the gospel, then how do you know you are saved if you can’t tell it to someone else?? Who or what did you believe then? As Christians, as members of South Whitwell Baptist, it’s time to draw a line in the sand! Do you really believe in God? What does your life say about God’s existence? What do you speak about? The God who is or about any and everything else? You may not be a professed atheist but do you practically function as one? The atheist I quoted is spending his Christmas money on promoting atheism. Where will you spend yours? More toys? More materialistic goodies? Am I saying any of these are wrong? Yes, if it’s all you ever purchase throughout the year. See Matthew 6:21. We’ll spend $35,000 on a vehicle that lasts 8-9 years, $100 plus on toys/gadgets for our kids, and close to $700 a year on cable but we don’t buy Christian literature for people, we won’t invest in Christian resources, we won’t support evangelism and missions???? Father in heaven, please forgive us of being practical atheists. Please recapture our hearts to Yourself, the God who was, and is, and is to come…the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ.
What can you do? 1) Evaluate how you are living. Does it show the reality of living for the LIVING GOD or do you live as a practical atheist? 2) Make the living God known to others in your ministry, your evangelism, and in your support of godly, Christ-exalting causes. 3) Put away the “Well, some other Christian will take care of this. This isn’t my place.” attitude. See Romans 13:11,12. Nature hates a vacuum. Either we’ll fill it with the grace and knowledge of Jesus Christ or atheism rushes in and God dies in the consciences of men taking you with it! Starting next week, I’ll show you the arguments atheists use to disprove God’s existence and what our response should be.


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